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Eco-Friendly and Durable Double-Sealing Kraft Paper Mailer Bags.

Introducing the latest eco-friendly solution for shipping and delivery - the Double-Sealing ECO Mailer Bag. These bags are made of strong kraft paper, perfect for parcel delivery and are designed to make the process of sending and receiving packages easier, more efficient, and more sustainable.

The bags are equipped with sealing tape that makes closing and sealing the bags quick and easy. The tear tape ensures that the contents of the bag won't be damaged during the opening. And in case your customer changes their mind, the second sealing tape allows for the bag to be closed again and sent back to you.

These bags are widely used for shipping almost everything, from t-shirts and marketing material to merchandise and clothes. They are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, online retailers, and even individual sellers.

The ECO Mailer Bags are recyclable and provide a sustainable solution for shipping and delivery. By choosing these bags, you are not only making the process of shipping and receiving packages easier, but you are also doing your part in protecting the environment.

Try the latest ECO parcel courier bags and you will be satisfied for sure. These bags are durable, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint while making their shipping and delivery process more efficient. Order yours today and experience the convenience and sustainability of the Double-Sealing ECO Mailer Bags.

So don't wait - make the switch to our double-sealing ECO mailer bags today!


  • Sealing tape - Quick and easy closing
  • Tear tape - Goods won't be damaged at opening
  • Second sealing tape - Change mind? Back in the bag, close again and back to the sender.
  • 125gr/sqm kraft paper 
  • 100% recyclable
  • The third size shows the maximum depth of the product
  • Widely used for shipping almost everything

We ship all across Australia, not just the state capitals (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin). If you live in Sydney you can choose to pick it up in-store and save the delivery fee.

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We ship our soft products in this paper bag, towels, beach bags etc


It's great!