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E-commerce self-sealing packaging solutions - Free delivery over A$1000 in NSW
E-commerce self-sealing packaging solutions - Free delivery over A$1000 in NSW

Delivery and shopping conditions

Package Mate provides full delivery services in all Australia. Our packages are safely packed and delivered by our freight partners. 

Fares are calculated by the weight of the package(s). We are continuously optimizing our prices, looking for better solutions to serve our new and existing clients.

Through this site we'll help you with descriptions how to order products from our webshop.

Would you like to enquire about our products? Please fill out our Enquiry form!

To choose the best products first you need to clarify what you'd like to pack. We offer general and specific solutions to fulfill all kind of expectations. You either choose from Products menu, or Products by use. If you have specific product then we make it as simple to you as possible. For example, if you like to ship a bottle of wine, then the easiest way to find the right box to search through th "Products by use" menu and bottle shipment types. If you are unsure that the chosen box will be good for you then, please contact us via email or Facebook chat. If we are happened to be busy to answer right away, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that all sizes of shipping boxes are inner sizes. Some boxes have adjustable heights whereas you'll see 2 different numbers at the end of the size. You can change the height in between those numbers. 

To place an order in our webshop is very easy. As soon as you find your product(s), choose the best size, then click on "Add to cart". In the cart you can change the quantity higher and lower.  After you added everything and chose the perfect volume simply click on "check out". From here you only need to fill the empty parts with your details and your are about to be done. It may happen that products are on arrival, than you'll see "pre-order" instead of "add to cart". You simply click on it and do just as by clicking on add to cart. When you do pre-order you will see the date when is it due.

To order sample quantity is possible with Mates. We know that it happens that you cannot decide which would be the best packaging material for your products. White, brown, big, small, with or with out 2nd seal tape etc... No worries, you are welcome to put even 1pcs from any kind of products into your basket and place the order for it. Make yourself a nice and varied bouquet of shipping box 1-by-1 and click on add to cart. When you are ready, just go through the steps as described above and you are ready. We are happy to send you small package in any kind of selections. 

To get discounts in our webshop is easy. We operate with quantity discounts which means the more you order the bigger percentages you'll get. The final amount will be automatically reduced by it so you have nothing to do. You can choose any kind of product in any volume, we'll give you the discount according to the final amount so it will be valid for all items. Please see here the levels of discounts:  

Quantity discounts Percentage 
100$ - 300$ 4%
301$ - 600$ 6%
601$ - 1000$ 9%
1001$ - 2000$ 12%
over 2001$ 15%

To use a coupon
in our webshop is simple as 1x1. When you are filling in your details on basket site you'll see a space which says "discount code". There you just type the code from us and it immediately take it down by it. We offer 5% coupons for subscription of our newsletter (we promise that you won't get more than 1 letter/week. More than that we offer season coupons, holiday coupons with different percentages which you will get throughout our newsletters. 

Shipping fees are added to full amount through the basket steps. As soon as you provide the shipping address you'll see the amount which is going to be charged.

In case you have complaint about the products please send us an email with all the details you experienced and attach photos of it. We will solve your case in no time with either an exchange of products or refund your money. However we assure you that we will do everything in our power to send the right goods in perfect conditions. Please if you see that packaging around is ripped than took a photo of it before you open the package so we can file a complaint to our shipping partner. Thank you for choosing us.