Self Sealing Die-Cut Shipping Box 370x290x70mm

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Size: 370x290x70mm - B30
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Product Name: Self-sealing Die Cut Box

Internal dimension: 370x290x70mm

Weight: 400g

Material: 450gsm, sturdy B flute material ensuring durability and strength for shipping and handling.

Design: This die-cut box features a precision-engineered foldable structure. Its design allows it to be delivered flat, providing ease of storage until use.


  • Self-Sealing Mechanism: Equipped with a self-sealing closure that secures contents without the need for additional tape, reducing packing time and material costs.
  • Easy Tear Off: Includes a convenient tear-off strip that makes opening the box simple and efficient for recipients, enhancing the unboxing experience.


  • Versatile Packaging Solution: Ideal for a wide range of packaging needs, from e-commerce shipping to retail packaging.
  • Easy to Fold: The box's design allows for quick and effortless folding, making it user-friendly and efficient for high-volume packing operations.

Known as:

  • Postage Box
  • Postal Box
  • Die-cut Box
  • Easy to Fold Packaging Box
  • Shipping Carton Box

Ideal Usage: Perfect for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable, easy-to-use packaging solution that enhances the safety and presentation of shipped items. Suitable for all standard postal and courier services.

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