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Have you ever considered using wrap around mailer?

Have you ever thought about how useful it is for different products other than just books?

Why not use them for cutting boards, decorations, or simply use it as a cover for cosmetic packs and more? 

Let's check what wrap around mailers, or bookwraps are.


The Wrap Around Mailer has long been a go-to packaging choice for books, but its potential applications extend far beyond the bookstore. In this detailed exploration, we'll uncover the versatility and advantages of using Wrap Around Mailers for a variety of products, challenging the notion that they are exclusively suitable for books.

What is a Wrap Around Mailer?

A Wrap Around Mailer, often made from corrugated cardboard, is designed to provide a snug fit around objects, offering enhanced protection during shipping. Its adjustable design allows it to conform to different sizes and shapes, ensuring that contents remain secure from the point of dispatch to delivery. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice not only for books but for any item that can benefit from closely fitted packaging.

Advantages of Wrap Around Mailers

  • Adjustable Sizing: The primary advantage of Wrap Around Mailers is their ability to adjust to the size of the product, providing tight and secure packaging. This flexibility reduces movement inside the package, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Cost-Effective: These mailers use less material than traditional boxes, which can lead to significant cost savings in both materials and shipping, as the reduced weight lowers postage costs.
  • Easy to Use: Wrap Around Mailers are simple to assemble, often featuring pre-scored lines and self-adhesive closures that make packaging quick and efficient.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many Wrap Around Mailers are made from recycled materials and are themselves fully recyclable, appealing to environmentally conscious businesses and consumers.

Beyond Books - Versatile Uses of Wrap Around Mailers

  • Electronics: Devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones can be securely shipped in Wrap Around Mailers, which protect them against impacts and compression.
  • Art Supplies: Delicate items like canvases or framed art pieces benefit from the conforming protection of these mailers, shielding them from scratches and dents.
  • Home Goods: From flat-pack furniture components to kitchenware, Wrap Around Mailers provide an effective barrier against the rigors of transit.
  • Marketing Materials: Ensure that promotional items such as printed materials, custom portfolios, and sample kits arrive in pristine condition.

Case Studies

This section will feature real-world examples of businesses from different industries—publishing, electronics, art, and marketing—that have successfully used Wrap Around Mailers to reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, and enhance customer satisfaction through better product protection.

Choosing the Right Mailer for Your Product

Not all Wrap Around Mailers are created equal. It’s important to consider factors like material strength, the level of cushioning needed, and the specific dimensions of the product. We’ll provide tips on selecting the best mailer type for various products, discussing different materials and closure mechanisms.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from a variety of users who have switched to Wrap Around Mailers for different products. Their stories will highlight the mailers’ broad utility and the tangible benefits they’ve experienced.

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Wrap Around Mailers are far more than just a solution for shipping books. Their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and protective qualities make them suitable for a wide range of products. By reconsidering the conventional uses of these versatile mailers, businesses can improve packaging efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver their products safely and stylishly.

Ready to rethink your packaging solutions?

Explore the variety of Wrap Around Mailers available and find the perfect fit for your products. Embrace a smarter, more sustainable packaging method that delivers on protection and price.

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