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E-commerce self-sealing packaging solutions - Free delivery over A$1000 in NSW
E-commerce self-sealing packaging solutions - Free delivery over A$1000 in NSW

Laptop boxes - the shock-resistant solution

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SKU CP140-004

Are you planning to ship a laptop (Lenovo, ACER, HP, Macbook, etc) and looking for a safe shipping box?

Then don't look further! Our state-of-the-art, shock-resistant laptop shipping box is the perfect solution for you. You can fit all kinds of laptops, notebooks or other sensitive products in this box from 13" to 17" (inches).

The box is made from kraft paper. Even though weigh less than a conventional cardboard box it's much stronger structurally.

The cover box contains a little pocket for the accessories, like cables, mouse, e.t.c. and also contains a tray for your laptop. Slide your item under the plastic sheet which will perfectly hold it down. 

If you have trouble assembling the box please see our video here. We packed a 13" Macbook Pro.

Applications & Advantages

For despatching notebooks, tablets, smartphones and sensitive electronic components.

  • The reliable self-sealing tapes save time - no additional sealing materials are necessary
  • Integrated with tear-open strip - fast and easy opening and minimising the chance that your customer accidentally damages the item
  • Impact-resistant and shock-resistant design
  • Integrated cable and accessories tray
  • Re-sealable with tuck-in flaps
  • Compatible with tray applied by stretch film to secure the Content
  • FSC® certified and climate-neutral
  • Price includes the box and the tray too
  • Inner size : 490x412x109mm (13" - 17" laptops)

We ship all across Australia, not just the state capitals (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin). If you live in Sydney you can choose to pick it up in-store and save the delivery fee.

Ship your laptops, notebooks or other flat fragile items or electronic gadgets anywhere in Australia or overseas and you barely will hear any customer complaint again. 

All our products are FSC certified which means that the materials come from certified resources.

Both the box and the tray are environment friendly and 100% recyclable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wai Myo
Quick Efficient delivery and product as described

5 out of 5

Glen McAllister
Does what it’s supposed to.

Pretty simple and solid means of delivering a laptop which no longer has its original packaging.

Emmilyn Belaro

Smooth transaction