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The Ultimate eCommerce Packing Station Down Under

Are you seeking a comprehensive solution to your packaging needs? Look no further. We're thrilled to present our top-of-the-line packaging table set - a versatile and practical choice crafted especially for those in online retail and fulfillment companies across Australia.

Why This is a Game-Changer for Your Business:

  1. Optimal Comfort & Efficiency: First and foremost, this table offers adjustable legs. This means you can tailor its height to what's just right for you. Say goodbye to backaches, as you'll be working comfortably, efficiently, and without strain.
  2. Generous Work Space: With a width of a whopping 1500mm, there's more than enough room to handle any packaging task, making it a quick packaging station.
  3. Organisation at its Best: Our packaging table includes an integrated carton shelf. It's ideal for storing and systematising boxes of multiple dimensions. This design feature ensures your workspace remains uncluttered, minimising mishaps like trips or knocked over boxes.
  4. Every Tool Within Arm's Reach: A dedicated steel shelf keeps essential tools and materials systematically stored. Whether it's tape or scissors, every tool is easy to reach, speeding up your packaging process.
  5. Swift & Precise Cutting: Each table set is fitted with a roll cutter - an indispensable tool in the packaging realm. Whether it's bubble wrap, kraft paper, or other materials, expect swift, precise cuts every time.

Added Perks:

A handy drawer for all your miscellaneous items.

A box holder trolley for easier manoeuvring.

An additional small table, allowing you to extend the working area.

A rack exclusively for your keyboard and monitor.

A perforated back panel, brilliant for tool attachments.

Durability Meets Practicality: All these features are housed within a robust structure. It's built to withstand daily usage and the occasional knocks and bumps. If you're in the business of shipping and packaging, this table is more than just a piece of equipment; it's an investment towards efficiency.

Come Over and Check it Out: Pictures and descriptions are great, but sometimes you've just got to see things for yourself. Fancy a firsthand look? Drop by our Taren Point spot for a closer inspection. We'd be chuffed to show you around!

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