Postal boxes with flexible height

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Size: 229x164x50-115mm A5
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Packaging for variable products

Different sizes, same speed — the variable-depth pop-up fast assembly boxes

Applications & Advantages

For everything from DIN A5 to DIN A3.

  • The reliable ColomPac® self-sealing saves time and additional sealing materials.
  • Tear open strip for fast and easy opening
  • Instant bottom for fast assembly
  • Easily adjusted to the packed depth of the goods
  • From DIN A5 to DIN A3
  • Overlapping bottom for extra strength and reliability
  • FSC® certified and climate-neutral

A postal box with flexible height could be a useful solution for situations where the size of the items being shipped varies. One potential design could be a box with adjustable flaps on the sides that can be extended or folded in to change the height of the box.

Another option could be a box with accordion-like folds on the sides that can expand or contract to adjust the height. The folds could be made from a durable and flexible material, such as heavy-duty cardboard or plastic.

Alternatively, a collapsible postal box with a telescoping design could also provide flexibility in height. This type of box could be made with multiple layers that slide in and out of each other, allowing the user to adjust the height to fit the contents of the box.

Overall, a postal box with flexible height could be a practical solution for shipping items of varying sizes, while minimizing the need for multiple box sizes and reducing shipping costs.

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Bon Jonel

Very excited! The quality is above and beyond, no doubt I will use your company as our supplier for retail. This self sealing shipping box eliminates the usage of packaging tape etc.