Vinyl Record Envelope 350x350x-50mm

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Size: 350x350x-50mm
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Vinyl Record Shipping Envelope - The best packaging mailer for your LPs 

Safety First - The vinyl record mailer offers a perfect solution for those who want to transport or send their records safely.

  • Safely stores and protects the records under all transportation conditions.
  • Usual sealing and opening strip
  • Allows for quick and easy use, thus minimizing packaging time.
  • Standard size - Perfectly fits the size of the LPs, ensuring that the record stays stable and safe in the box.
  • Suitable for transporting up to 5 vinyl records 
  • An ideal choice when you want to send or transport multiple records at once
  • Also great for heavy books, fragile products, documents, photos, frames, etc...

When it comes to vinyl record transportation, proper protection is important. With this box, you can be sure that your records will arrive intact at the destination. Whether your are sending LPs, books, or any other items, this box meets all requirements.

Choose the best for your records!

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Angela T
Perfect Fit

Tried these vinyl mailers for the first time recently and found them to be a perfect fit for smaller parcels. The strong & rigid cardboard gave more than sufficient protection to the fragile records, especially to the corners. Definitely buying these again!