how to wrap a book

Although we read less and less books when we decide to buy one for ourselves or as a gift we would like to protect it from any damages.

Books are coming in all kinds of sizes hence it is not easy to find the suitable packaging material.

We, at Package Mate, offer book wraps which heights are flexible that allow you to pack many different books in one type.

How to wrap a book

I'm sending this hardcover limited edition book to my friend with Australia Post. Through this example I will show you how easy to wrap a book.

First you need to measure the length and the width of the book.

book wrap book wrap
My book is 260mm x 250 mm. Then I measured the thickness which is 20mm. 
book wrap
After this you need to find the right book wrap.
Standard paper size
Item code
217 155 max 60 A5 CP020-02
270 190 max 80 B5 CP020-06
302 215 max 80 A4 CP020-08
330 270 max 80 CP020-14
380 290 max 80 CP020-17
455 320 max 70 CP020-18
Very important! Every value is an internal measurement. I chose the CP020-14 book wrap.

Let’s pack!

First, place the book in the center of the book wrap.

book wrap   book wrap

Bend the top and bottom flaps in to secure the book.

book wrap

Fold it once.

book wrap
book wrap edge

Then fold it again.

book wrap
Remove the cover strip from the seal tape completely.
book wrap with seal tape
Finally, seal it.
self-sealing bookwrap
That's all! Our book wrap is simple but efficient solution which makes your life easy! 

You can wrap and safely post:

- Ring binders, folders, files
- Magazines
- Artworks: painting, photos
- Dresses
- Wooden boards and many more.

Also, you don’t need to worry that your customer accidentally damages your product with a blade or knife because all our self-sealing items (boxes, book wraps, envelopes) have an integrated tear tape.

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