Ship your books safely

Books are one of the most treasured items that people possess. Whether it's an old classic or a new bestseller, people love to collect and read books. But when it comes to mailing books to friends, family, or customers, there is always the risk of damage during transit. To avoid such mishaps, many companies have introduced various packaging materials that ensure the safe delivery of books. One such packaging material is the self-sealing Colompack book wrap. In this blog, we will discuss how to use this innovative packaging solution to mail books safely and securely.

Features of the Colompack Book Wrap

The self-sealing Colompack book wrap has various features that make it an ideal packaging material for books. Firstly, it is integrated with self-sealing tape, which saves time and additional sealing materials. This made from hot melted glue which is stronger than a double-side tape. This glue provides a strong and secure connection, ensuring that the package does not open during transit.

Secondly, the Colompack book wrap is also integrated with a tear-open strip for fast and easy opening. This eliminates the risk of the customer damaging the book by using scissors or a blade to open up the packaging. This feature ensures that the book is delivered in pristine condition.

Thirdly, the Colompack book wrap has variable packing depth up to 80mm. This feature allows for a custom fit for any book size, ensuring that the book is held securely in place during transit. Additionally, the packaging material is made from sturdy B-flute kraft paper, providing added protection to the book.

Fourthly, the Colompack book wrap provides strong corner protection and reinforced edges. This feature ensures that the book remains safe and secure during transit and that the edges of the book are not damaged in any way.

Finally, the Colompack book wrap is an FSC® certified and climate-neutral product. This certification means that the packaging material is environmentally friendly and has been produced using sustainable materials and practices.

Steps to Mail a Book Using Self-Sealing Book Wrap

Now that we have discussed the features of the Colompack book wrap let us discuss the steps to mail a book safely using this packaging material.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate size of Colompack book wrap for your book. The Colompack book wrap is available in various sizes, including A5, A5+, B5, A4, A4+, B4-, B4, and A3.

Step 2: Place the book in the center of the Colompack book wrap. Ensure that the book is placed horizontally, with the spine of the book facing upwards.

Step 3: Fold the flaps of the Colompack book wrap towards the center of the book.

Step 4: Fold the book wrap twice to cover the book.

Step 5: Peel off the protective strip covering the self-sealing tape on the Colompack book wrap. Press the covers together to seal the package. Ensure that the package is tightly sealed.

Step 5: Write the recipient's address and your return address on the package. Ensure that the address is legible and accurate.

Step 6: Finally, take the package to the Australia Post office or the courier service of your choice and send it off.


In conclusion, the self-sealing Colompack book wrap is an innovative packaging solution that ensures the safe and secure delivery of books. Its various features, such as self-sealing tape, tear-open strip, variable packing depth, and strong corner protection, make it an ideal packaging material for books. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can ensure that your books are delivered safely and securely to their intended recipients.

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