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E-commerce packaging after COVID

Shipping boxes, postal envelopes, wrap mailers and mailer bags. These items have sneaked into our every day since the pandemic started. People had to spend 90% of their time at home which forced them to change their shopping routine.

 Online shopping is one of the biggest winners of this shift of habit. As demand started to increase e-Commerce businesses needed a new, more efficient solution to quickly prepare their packages. For example, one of our business partners' monthly order numbers went from 100 to 1000 parcels. This increment put a brutal constraint on his warehouse staff. 

Globally, the increased number of orders also disrupted every element of the usual supply chain which caused huge delays in the estimated arrival time or packages were damaged (opened up) and so on. I’m sure that everybody has at least one bad story. 

To prevent any customer disappointment, businesses needed a new way of packaging which 

- provides a more efficient, cheaper solution, 

- guarantees that the parcel is going to arrive safely even from overseas and

- only the customer can open the shipping box up. 

 Our unique solution is self-sealing boxes and envelopes. It’s easy to assemble them and you don’t need sticky tape to seal them. Package Mate offers various postal boxes, wine and beer shipping boxes, gift boxes, envelopes and many more made of corrugated and solid cardboard, kraft paper and recyclable plastic


Our mission is to provide the best solution for your company because Package Mate is your friend in packaging.


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