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Nowadays the numbers of E-commerce retailers are doubling every month. Each owner needs to be creative from all aspects to be successful. To reach that you must pick the perfect product to sell online, and it is also very important to choose the best packaging solution for shipping them throughout the country or export them overseas. Choosing the best shipping or postal box can save you from a lot of headaches.

Our e-commerce boxes are designed to optimise the assembly time and saving precious minutes, hours for online businesses.

 I will go through some packaging solutions to provide you with guidance on how to choose the most suitable.

The advantages of e-commerce packaging

 First of all, they are produced to be quick. Therefore, they have to have a quickly assembled bottom. After a simple twist, the box pops up in a second which saves minutes per box (probably more than an hour during an 8-our shift) by using these high-tech smart solutions over standard cardboard boxes.

 Secondly, all of them have seal tapes. It means, that you won’t need to buy another adhesive (sticky or parcel) tape to seal the box. By using our shipping or mailer box you just need to easily remove the cover strip from seal tape and close the box permanently. And by permanently, I mean nobody can open it without damaging the box.

 How a Customer can open it if the seal tape closes it permanently? It is an important question. Besides the seal tape, all postal boxes also have tear tape. With this solution, you can be sure that your Customer won’t cut, puncture, scratch, etc. the product when they open up the box. More on that it creates customer satisfaction too, as not all of us carrying Stanley knives or a pair of scissors around.

 Other than that, shipping boxes have many types created by thoughtful engineers and designers who were trying to find out what is best for different kinds of needs. We are offering paper postal boxes in brown and white colour, in different strength and for different purposes.

Book wraps

These were created to protect books, picture frames, creatives arts from any damage by their strong corner protection and reinforced edges.They are coming in 2 different colours and 6 different sizes.

Fashion boxes

Are you selling clothes? No problem. We have many different options for you. The most popular is our white fashion box which provides you large internal and external surface where you display your brand. If you like to buy branded boxes from we can offer you that service too. Please send your enquiry to our email address and we will get back with a quote to you. The minimum order quantity for branded boxes is 6.

You can use our general shipping boxes to post shoes, watches, jewellery and fashion accessories. Just click on the type and you straight hop on the right page.

Electronic gadgets

 We have a unique solution post laptops, tablets, i-Pads or smart phone safely. These boxes designed to be impact- and shock-resistant, have integrated cable and accessories trays, come with compatible with trays applied by stretch film to secure the content and re-sealable.

Bottle box

 Would you like to send your favourite bottle of wine from Margaret River to your home? Shipping with our box you can have a good night's sleep because the bottle is going to arrive without any harm thanks to the reinforced edges and one-piece design.

Gift box

 We got you covered. This box is top-quality offset printed with a red ribbon on the top. It’s fast and easy to assemble and with an integrated tear open strip for fast and easy opening. For extra thievery protection, it’s designed with a four-point lid.

Long item box

 If you create large blueprints or selling maps or posters then our tube paper boxes are the answer for you. They are coming in various lengths to cover all your needs.

Return packaging

 In online retail, customers often change their minds and like to return. “Did you know at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned. 92% of consumers surveyed said that they will buy again if the product return process is easy” (

 Our return boxes contain a second sealing tape. If your customer like to return the ordered item they just simply put it back in the box and seal it without using sticky tape. You can place a pre-printed return label in the box to create a very convenient return process and getting glowing feedback.

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter what you sell we’ll find the solution among our products. Just send us an enquiry and we will come back to you with our best solution.  


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